As a leading provider of graffiti style, TASTE takes pride in offering high quality art and graffiti. He is dedicated to serving the needs of the culture each and every day. Painting for 15 years, He strives to contribute to, and benefit the graffiti art form.



Denver School of the Arts- Visual Art program.

Art Students League of Denver



Taste, a classically trained artist hailing from the urbane environment of Denver, rose from the fold of acceptably applied art in the last decade to become one of mid-Americas most dedicated graffiti writers. A frequent traveler of the U.S. and other countries, Taste brings an aggressive and old school style witha new age approach to the craft and continues setting bars for a new generation of graffiti culture. Highly active in both graffiti and hip-hop communities around the country, Taste's crews span from coast to coast consisting of some of graffitis most notable contributers. Presently a freelance artist, Taste works with a variety of clients from Japanese candy companies to American residential art installations.  He stays versatile and although comfortably working with most 

mediums is known for finesse with spray paint. With a commercial painters background, taste continues to stay large in scale and constantly evolves with the pace of graffiti. 



Present – Artist – Cypher Artspace - Englewood, Co

2015 - Guest Artist - Roskilde Festival - Copenhagen, Dk 

2014 - Commisioned Artist - Snowball Festival - Denver, Co

2013 - Guest Artist - ANONYMOUS jam - Puerto Vallarta, Mx

2013 - Commisioned Artist - Infinity Auto (action sports marketing group) Nashville, Ky

2012 – Graffiti Artist – Style Monsters Reunion –Philadelphia, Pa

2012- Commissioned Artist-Hi-Chew candy (action sports marketing group)-Boulder, Co

2012 – Commissioned Muralist/Graffiti Artist – Community Service Apparel – Englewood, Co

2012 – 1st place – Gamma Gallery Graffiti Battle –  Longmont, Co

2011 – Commissioned Muralist/Graffiti Artist – B-Boy BBQ – Rochester, NY

2011 - Manger of Events - B-Boy BBQ - Rochester, NY

2011 – Guest Artist – Axius Studios (painting by design)– Denver, Co

2010 – Commissioned Muralist/Graffiti Artist – Altitude Peak Fitness – Denver, Co



Select Exhibitions:

2015 - Structure - Foursite Gallery - Denver, Co

2012 - From Up Above - LOFT Gallery - Rochester, NY

2012 - Final Friday - Cypher Artspace - Englewood, Co

2010 - Ready2Rock - Leelas Gallery - Denver, Co

2009 - Style Feature - Newspeak Gallery- Denver, Co

2013 - Hit the Deck - 219 Gallery - Trenton, NJ

2014 - The Cypher Gallery - Englewood, Co